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Gordon Theater Reaches Fundraising Goal

Construction to begin soon!

The Gordon Movie Theater is getting one final push on its way to re-opening thanks to Open Range Beef. The Gordon packing plant is donating 2,500 pounds of their organic, grass-fed beef to be sold on a first come, first served basis Saturday, April 22 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in front of the old Ideal Market building at the intersections of highways 20 and 27 in Gordon.

Open Range Beef is no stranger to giving back to the Gordon community they are proud to call home. They were instrumental in securing a new CT Scanner for Gordon Memorial Hospital, donating a truckload of meat and countless hours of labor to the cause. Nearly every benefit auction held since the plant’s opening has also featured donated boxes of their specialty meats.

“Opening the Gordon Movie Theatre is essential for all of us, young and old,” said Jill Noetzelman. “Our thriving Gordon Movie Theater will aid in establishing a positive atmosphere in the hub of downtown Gordon. Open Range Beef is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of re-establishing a historical landmark.”

This offering will include approximately 625 lbs. each of ribeyes, tenderloins, strip loins and top sirloins. The meat will be sold frozen whole, with each piece weighing approximately 10-12 lbs. In order to expedite the process, all pieces will be sold at a flat rate based on average weight with ribeyes selling for $84 ($7/lb.), tenderloins $96 ($8/lb.), and strips and top sirloins $60 ($6/lb.). Fresh samples will be available hot off the grill for patrons to try. ORB employees will also be grilling burgers, which will be sold for $5/plate, to include chips and a drink. “Open Range Beef has had a customized BBQ grill fabricated for events like this – a Man-grill,” said Todd Arends. “Even more impressive are the burgers coming off the grill by ORB’s finest BBQ masters. Every person buying a burger is personally participating in bringing back the Gordon Movie Theater”.

All of the proceeds from the sale will go toward the renovation and re-opening of the Gordon Movie Theater. The theater recently reached their initial goal of $208,000, which was the minimum needed to complete all construction necessary to get the doors open and purchase the necessary equipment. This additional funding will go toward purchasing additional equipment, seating upgrades for increased longevity and an improved viewer experience, as well as purchasing a new marquee for the front of the theater. The funds will also allow the theater to start with additional savings to account for future repairs and expenses.

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